About Us



PhS is not a CRO or an SMO. We are unique in the universe of Clinical Research, managing studies for CROs, Pharmaceutical Companies and Investigators to assure quality, to solve critical issues and to help fixing issues related to clinical studies in Latin America.



Ariye Sidi has 35 years of experience in Clinical Research, in which 16 of them in a major Pharmaceutical Industry and 19 in the CRO environment (2 year in his own CRO and 18 years in one of the largest global CROs).
He graduated in Medical School in 1974 in Rio de Janeiro and worked in respiratory diseases area.
During these 35 years working in Clinical Research he has been able to manage over 900 studies in almost all different therapeutic areas. Also, he was the first person in Brazil to hire a non-physician as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) in 1989 and was the first one to open a CRO in Brazil in 1995. These 2 approaches opened doors for more than 1,000 non physicians to work in this area in the Region.
Furthermore he has opened doors for more than 18 CROs to deliver services in Brazil. His expertise is to find ethical solutions for any critical issue in clinical studies.
At the present time Ariye Sidi acts as the Chairman of the Executive Board  at PhS.